Mavi Beautiful Green Foldable Dining Table (SUP-103)

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Key Features : 

  • Brand : Mavi
  • Product Dimensions: Length (63 inches), Width (35 inches), Height (28 inches)
  • Color: Green
  • Material : 100 percent virgin polymers/Moulded Plastic
  • Weight : 10 Kg

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Product Description

Mavi Beautiful Green Foldable Dining Table (SUP-103)

Mavi strongest modern moulded plastic furniture brand in India, having the widest range of moulded plastic furniture. They have got a vast array of moulded plastic furniture, like moulded plastic chairs, moulded plastic tables,cup boards plastic trolleys, plastic centre tables, plastic stools, plastic baby chairs, garden and office furniture etc. Mavi vast range of plastic furniture can be divided into eight sub categories, namely upholstered, Premium monoblock chairs, monoblock chairs, Armless chairs, Centre tables and trolley, Dining tables, Baby chairs, Stools. All of these categories have the most high quality furniture under them.

Additional Information

Weight 22.0462 lbs
Dimensions 29.5276 x 19.685 x 29.5276 in


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